version 3.2.1 2016-06-20

  • Preference name changed

UPDATE hwtrack.`be_preferences` SET name = ‘opportunity_grades’ WHERE be_preferences.`name` = ‘opportunity_grades’ AND be_preferences.`value` = ‘6,7,8,9,10’ LIMIT 1 ;

  • Service Learning Outcomes added

    • assets/fonts glyphicons added

    • DB hw_service_opportunities added

    • Service Opportunites page is added to Teacher/Student/Admin

    • service_learning_outcomes is added to DB be_preferences and plugin/controllers/service_tracker_settings

      • If this one is YES, then Service Learning Outcomes menu point is displaed in Student and Teacher.
      • Outcomes field is displayed in Student/Teacher/Admin home and edit pages.
    • Resources Service Learning Outcomes is add in the backend to display the menu in Admin. DB hw_service_outcomes is added.

    • number of outcomes checked added to preference, num_checkbox. This limits the maximum number of checkbox is selected.

    • Preference reflection is added to plugin/service_tracker_settings

      • This allows Student to add or edit a reflection and dispaly in student/service homepage.
    • preference service_goals is added to DB be_preferences. plugin/controllers/Service_tracker_settings

      • DB hw_service_goals is added
      • DB preference goal_instruction and service_goals are added
    • Student is not able to change their parent email setting. Only admin can do.

    • Activation process added after registration and login from Google auth. This one was needed since logging in from Google auth allow without authorization process.

    • Preference teacher_advisory_menu is added.

version 3.1.0 2015-08-15

  • DB ci_seeions updated

For MySQL:

id varchar(40) NOT NULL, ip_address varchar(45) NOT NULL, timestamp int(10) unsigned DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL, data blob NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id), KEY ci_sessions_timestamp (timestamp)


  • application/composer integrated
  • Simplepie and oauth2 added to composer
  • updated for PHP5.6
  • DB hw_service updated, add service_advisor_id and service_advisor_name
  • DB preference docs added for readthedocs.org link
  • ~~DB hw_homework_comments, hw_service_comments added~~
  • DB in be_preferences, homework_comments and service_comments added
  • DB preference school_color added
  • Added rules to boolean and dropdown in settings
  • service email will be sent to advisor
  • email to service_admin from service tracker when Staff are not chosen
  • Added service advisory page to service menu to show advisory group as assignment menu do
  • Update Analytics module for admin dashboard
  • if service_advisor_name, add service admin id to service_advisor_id
  • Update student service edit page by adding Staff and non-staff
  • Settings for docs added to hwtracker settings to add a link
  • Menu for Parent view
  • Parent can see Homework and Service.
  • color picker is added to admin hwtracker settings for school_color
  • google client, secret and redirect for live and localhost are added to preference